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Amazing Raptors At Trout Lake Nature Center

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2018 at 12:58 pm

Photo: Red-shouldered Hawk by E. Tramontana

Birds of prey or raptors are any of several species of bird that hunt and feed on rodents, snakes and small animals. Beautiful to watch and breathtaking to see close up, falcons, hawks, owls, and Swallow-tailed kites are the subject of the February 16, Friday Night Naturalist presentation beginning at 6 PM at the Trout Lake Nature Center. Nicole Jones, Swallow-tailed kite expert and Paula Ashby, Special Project Coordinator from the Avian Reconditioning Center (ARC) will be bringing live raptors to this program.
Come to learn about raptors—how they survive, where they live, what they eat and their habits or quirks. Learn how ARC works to rehabilitate injured raptors and when possible release them back into the wild.
Recently ARC rehabilitated an injured Swallow-tailed kite that was named Apopka. Apopka was released back into the wild in time to take part in the kite annual migration back to South America and was outfitted with a tracking device. Once numbered in the tens of thousands in the early 1900s, kites now number in the thousands with most nesting in Florida.
Come to learn about kites and the other raptors that play an important role in Florida ecosystems. This is a chance to view close-up these magnificent birds and learn from the experts who interact with them daily.
The program is free of charge but donations are encouraged. For more information, email or call 352.357.7536.