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Dentures and Dental Implants in Clermont

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 1:43 am

We have two offices located in Ocoee and in Clermont, where Dr. Kasem has made 33,000 dentures single handedly. Our office is privately operated and is not a corporately owned practice. Dr. Kasem is the only dentist in our office who works on every patient from beginning to finish. We know our limitations and we will only treat the patients where the outcome will be the best.
Dr. Kasem has been doing implant surgery since 1989. He received his implant training from Harvard University in 1989 and the Medical College of Georgia in 1993. Dr. Kasem is also certified for conscious sedation (IV sedation). He makes dentures in his own laboratory and everything is done with Dr. Kasem’s strict supervision and quality control. He will not refer you to multiple offices for procedures which can be done in our office. This saves you money and time.
When patients came to our office in the past, we noticed that these patients have been referred to several doctors. When the time came, none of those doctors took responsibility for their actions, one blaming the other for the problem. Dr. Kasem is solely responsible for his patients. He recommends what is best for you. He will give you all the options with the fees. His practice is based on honesty and he is very thorough. His office has state of the art equipment.
Please see the website at Our office is in downtown Clermont behind City Hall at 825 7th Street. Our phone number is 352-243-7700.