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Life in a Cat House

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and there was a cat asleep in the sink. In case you’ve never tried it, let me assure you it is difficult to scrub your hands with a cat in the way.
I called my wife, Vivian, to come look and she said the same thing had happened to her. Since then, it’s become sort of a commonplace occurrence. Our young cat, Amelia Jane, likes sinks. She thinks they are a fine location for a catnap.
We are willing to give her the bathroom sink unless we need it, but she also took a notion to spend time in the kitchen sink. We’ve finally taught her that is a big kitty no-no but if she thinks we are not looking she will still try it now and then.
The bathroom sink really suits her better because it has a rounded bottom that is a perfect kitty size and shape.
Still, the one in the kitchen draws her to it at times. The only way she can get to the kitchen sink is by leaping on the counter and that is something she knows is strictly forbidden.
We had another cat once that was a fan of the bathroom sink. But he didn’t nap in it as much as he wanted to get a drink from it. His name was Spanky and he only wanted to drink from a faucet. Like Amelia Jane, he had to learn the kitchen sink is off limits to cats, so he trained us to turn the bathroom water on and off for him.
What he would really have liked was for us to just leave it running all the time so he wouldn’t have to find us to perform faucet duty every time he got thirsty.
Spanky was a big cat and he couldn’t fit in a sink if he wanted to try one for a nap spot. He would have flopped over the edges all the way around. He could fit in the bathtub and sometimes slept there. He also liked to drink out of the bathtub faucet just as much as the one on the sink. He was big enough to stand on the edge of the tub and reach the running water with no trouble. I guess we encouraged him because we’d turn the water on whenever he wanted it.
We’ve never had any problem with our Ozrow cat getting on counters and he has never shown any interest in sink drinking. I can’t recall ever seeing him on the sink stand in the bathroom. When he was a kitten he was crippled and that limited his ability to jump up on counters. As a result, he never learned the joy of being there. Of course, he has a hearty dislike of getting wet, or even slightly damp.
When Vivian first found Ozrow, he was loaded up with fleas.
She dunked him in the sink and gave him a bath with some flea killer goop she got from a veterinarian and that might have left a lasting impression on him. He avoids all water except for drinking.
Amelia Jane is a persistent cat when she wants something. We can pick her up and put her on the floor when we need the sink and she is right back up there.
This can be, and usually is, repeated several times.
I don’t know why she likes it because it looks totally uncomfortable to me.
But then, I am not a cat. She is and no one ever knows what a cat will do or why they do it.