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Local Charities Receive Contributions from Leesburg Bikefest

Posted on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 2:03 pm

Leesburg Partnership is pleased to announce 37 local charities and civic groups received $157,196.64 in financial support from the 23rd annual Leesburg Bikefest.
Each year, the Leesburg Partnership invites local charity organizations to assist with the many logistical responsibilities the event requires. Thousands of volunteers worked together to run parking lots, beverage tents and others support roles that are critical to the economic success of Leesburg Bikefest. In return, they received financial support from the event held annually every April.
These contributions are quite meaningful for the organizations who receive this support. One such example this year involves Leesburg High School and its football team. Former LHS football coach Randy Travers, who is now coaching at renowned Gonzaga College High School, reached out to Roger Croft, a parent volunteer at the school. Travers’ idea was to invite the Leesburg High School football team to play a game at Gonzaga in order for the team to visit Washington D.C. Croft immediately grabbed onto the idea and contact LHS Principal Michael Randolph. Randolph played college rugby at the University of Maryland on the Gonzaga fields.
Travers’ wish was to provide a lifetime experience for his former team and school. Croft and staff polled the students, and found that 2/3 of them have never left Lake County so funding the opportunity became a priority. In September, 70 LHS student athletes, staff, coaches and administrative chaperones will head to D.C. to play in a historic game and then see historic Washington, D.C.
During this year’s Leesburg Bikefest, the LHS players and staff ran a parking lot as fundraiser to help reach the goal of $25,000. In addition, Croft, co-founder of Greater Leesburg Area of Community Charities (GLACC) also participated in Leesburg Bikefest fundraising by volunteering at the Lucky U Saloon, with those monies being donated to the LHS effort, and to help defray the cost of the Leesburg Lightning franchise fees.
“Many people think Leesburg Bikefest is just a party, when it is so much more than that, “said Roger Croft. “Bikefest is a vehicle for charities to raise funds to improve our community. Thanks to the Leesburg Partnership, we were able to raise a lot of money to help with the trip for our student athletes and to provide free Leesburg Lightning baseball. We are indebted to the Leesburg Bikefest and the Leeburg Partnership for facilitating this ability.”