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Mount Dora Police Receive Donation for Active Shooter Vests

Posted on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 2:18 pm

The Mount Dora Police Department received a generous donation from a resident to purchase active shooter vests for officers.
About a year ago, ‘Lefty’ Bruce, a resident of Mount Dora, approached Deputy Chief Robert Bell and Public Safety Director John O’Grady about donating money to the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation, from his own foundation called “Lefty’s Hopes and Dreams” to be used specifically for active shooter vests. The vests cost approximately $400 each and contain steel plates capable of stopping high velocity bullets from weapons that an officer’s normal ballistic vest is not capable of stopping.
From this generous donation, four vests were purchased and will equip officers with the life-saving vests should there be an active shooter situation. The officers can don the vests in a rapid fashion during an incident.
“We’re excited to have them,” said Deputy Chief Robert Bell. “Lefty’s been a great supporter of the community and the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation.”
The Mount Dora Heroes foundation is a non-profit, 501 (3) c that was established three years ago and supports four main causes: The Public Safety Memorial where funds are given to the families of fallen officers, the K-9 Program, which is used to purchase new K-9 officers, as well as, support medical expenses for retired K-9s and for Community Involvement which supports officer safety projects and the promotion of crime prevention programs.
If anyone is interested in donating to the The Mount Dora Heroes Foundation, please go to