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Spring at Florida International Teaching Zoo

Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017 at 1:23 am

Spring has sprung at The Florida International Teaching Zoo (FITZ) and all our birds are all a twitter.
The Albino Peacock is spreading all his feathers in an effort to woo his hen. They have been together for a few years but she needs to be impressed every year.
The Mandarin Wood Ducks, Asia’s equivalent to our Wood Duck, are never more colorful than they are in Spring.
FITZ is proud to announce the addition of a young pair of Hawiian  Ne’Ne’ geese. FITZ has hatched these very rare and endangered geese for nearly two decades. The Ne’Ne’ is the Sixth Most Endangered Bird in The World. Once numbering less than fifty birds, Ne’Ne’ due to captive programs by zoos and private fanciers  now has a population in excess of 3,000 worldwide. Pugnacious and majestic, Ne’Ne’ capture you heart and imagination.
You can visit ALL of FITZ’s cool birds, as well as the hyenas, patas monkey colony (BABIES GALORE), capybaras, ‘Roo’s, jaguars, a plethora of endangered animals and our butterfly gardens every Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Zoo student guided tours begin on the hour. Photo ops with our animal ambassadors are available after tours.
Admission (tax deductible – FITZ is not for profit 501-C-3) is $8 adults, $7 Seniors, & $6 children from 5 -14.
FITZ is located at 7725 Fl 48 West. Appx. 7 miles west of I -75 at The ONLY Bushnell Exit. For tour information call 866-937-1115.