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The Leesburg Public Library is Helping to Clean up the Environment!

Posted on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 1:28 am

Patrons of the library have been very happy with the bags they have received when checking out multiple items. They are high quality plastic bags and some patrons reuse them. However, when the time came to reorder the next year’s supply of bags, the staff at the library decided to brainstorm ideas to find alternatives that would be good for the environment, and still be convenient for their patrons.
The idea is “Recyle Rosie”! Many people have multiple canvas style bags that are purchased at grocery stores, or picked up at various festivals, trade show type events and so on. So the staff decided to put their extra totes to good use and were donated to the Recycle Rosie project. When patrons need a bag for all of their library items, they will be offered the opportunity to just take a tote from Rosie!. The library hopes that the idea will catch on and people will donate their extra clean, reusable bags to the cause.
“We care about the environmental impact that our bags have. This was a tough decision because of course we care about our patrons too. But, we have found a very community oriented solution that will be a win-win,” said Library Director Lucy Gangone.
Recycle Rosie has reusable bags available now at the Leesburg Public LIbrary.