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Volunteer At Trout Lake Nature Center

Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 1:39 am

As they say in old military recruiting posters, we’re looking for a few good people. Last year, over 12,861 hours were volunteered to Trout Lake Nature Center (TLNC), its lands and programs. Using the most recent volunteer worth for Florida, these hours provided $300,047 of value to TLNC and the area. TLNC volunteers teach, clean, create, plan, guide and give of themselves, their skills, experience and their hearts.
As an independent non-profit with a small staff, TLNC depends on volunteers. Every Monday morning from 8 to noon is reserved for maintenance and is a time where people who like to work with their hand or be outdoors to contribute. This is also a time for working in our pollinator garden.
On weekends and sometimes during the week, greeters provide a personal greetings to visitors and share information about the property and Florida’s natural resources. Participating in special community events are made possible by volunteers staffing TLNC’s booth. Volunteers interact with the public, conduct simple learning games, and share their passion for the environment with others.
Education instructors attend training on the third Monday of each month, learning details about Florida’s ecosystems and wildlife or how to conduct TLNC education activities. Then, they are mentored as they become able to teach or assist with a hands on lesson.
Become involved with a special group of people trying to make our community better and help the environment. It’s easy to do. It just takes a phone call (352-357-7536) or email ( Or go online to TLNC’s website at or
Anyone needing/wanting to do community service for scholarships or graduation, interested in corporate volunteering, complete scouting badges or just plain folks wanting to give back are encouraged to volunteer at TLNC. Volunteers are one of the things that makes this nature center special and helps to create a caring community.